Young-trepreneurs reign

What to do when you are a fashion and label-obsessed teenager? Get a job washing the car? Babysitting? Or launch your own brand...!

That's just what Henry Massey who launched Munx did...under the watchful eye of CEO Dad Simon and Creative Director Kedge. Obviously a great help if your Dad is in branding!

With streetwear influences like the extortionate Supreme, Carhartt and Stone Island, Henry wanted to create a capsule fashion brand which appealed to a youth market passionate about skating, snowboarding and surfing, which was affordable and well-made.

Naming, often the hardest part, it was simple. Munx is Henry's childhood nickname and Kedge worked his magical genius to turn it into a relevant, cool logo.

Next step - ramp up sales through building the Munx social media profile. And as the notoriously fickle market is a stickler for authenticity, it's over to the 14 year old. Watch this space.